CareCredit + Walmart

Let me just begin this with saying, I am not affiliated with CareCredit or Walmart. I genuinely just want to share something that works for me. When we first found out that our little embabies stuck, my intimate thought was preparedness. How much will we need of each item, and the double it for two! … Continue reading CareCredit + Walmart

Guilty As Charged.

I know I’ve been talking a ton about the NICU but, the NICU is what our lives revolve around for now. So, I’m not sorry. If I don’t write it out, I’ll hold it in and that’s not good for any of us. So, here it goes... another fun fact about NICU... The NICU whether … Continue reading Guilty As Charged.

23 Week BUMP-Date!

It appears as though the weeks are flying by now! 23 weeks have come, and gone. We're starting to prepare for the perhaps inevitable... pre-term birth. The boys have tried to escape twice. Luckily, nothing major has ensued as of yet. To prepare there are several things we need to do, or rather should do … Continue reading 23 Week BUMP-Date!