#TwinLife – Needs, Don’t Needs and Recommendations!

Twins… man, the stories I could tell you and we’re only one month in!

Any way, when we first found ourselves in the twin boat I poured myself into research of all the things we should do, all the things we need! I scrounged the internet, read countless blogs on Pinterest and talked to family who had already had twins. The more the pregnancy progressed the more I kept saying, “We need two of everything!”. Let’s dive into this myth about twins while I give you a few personal recommendations about what you do and what you don’t need multiples of!

You Don’t Need…

Since the boys came early, we truly didn’t have the chance to finish anything or purchase everything we wanted. If I’m being honest, I’m glad I didn’t!

You don’t need two swings… we purchased one Mamaroo used. It was a last minute thing and I’m glad we did. Infants shouldn’t spend longer than two hours in swings, seats, etc. we rotate the boys through the swing and cribs. Each boy is able to sit in it, enjoy it and carry on.

You don’t need two bathtubs… come on people, do you have 4 arms?! No! I came across countless pictures of other moms having two bath tubs for their twins. Why? I have no clue! We wash one baby at a time, it gives us one on one time for each babe and it doesn’t require four arms!

You do not need double the bottles… unless you’re using two different types of bottles like us, there’s no need for a gazillion bottles. Trust and believe me, you’ll just be washing a ton of bottles if you buy double. We use two sets due to one set working for Dax’s reflux better than our original set. I still wash a ton of bottles but, that’s because of our unique situation.

You do need two of…

You need two car seats… this is a no brainer! Two babies, two car seats! We did a lot of research on “best” twin car seats and went with the Evenflo LiteMax. It was rated for four lbs, and had great reviews as far as long weight goes. I find the seats comfortable, stylish and even more so SAFE!

You need two cribs… again, this should be a no brainer. Safe sleep space is incredibly important. When the babies are just babies, such as newborns it’s up to you as far as what you want them to sleep in. We chose to use a playpen with a large bassinet. The babies have a large gap between them. However, as they’re growing quickly we purchased two cribs (used) to ensure they had safe sleeping space. The cribs fit in their room and they ensure we’re at a reduced risk for SIDS.

You need two Boppy’s… when you’re all alone with two babies this is exactly what you need. Take two Boppy’s and put them on the bed or on the floor with a baby in each one, and bam you can feed them! There are several twin things out there that are available for purchase such as the Table for Two, but double the money.

Useful Recommendations

There are a few things that have made life easier so I’ll be recommending them! Please note, I make no money off of anything I’m recommending they just genuinely make my life easier.

Baby Brezza – listen, I know every one says this is ridiculous but, it’s a freaking holy grail for twins. Even more so if you’re twins are on the same formula! We received this as a gift (Thanks, Aunt Jo!) and we can’t use it fully yet but it’s seriously incredible. On the downside, we use two different types of formula for the boys so we need a second powder container to make it work!

Dr.Browns Formula Pitcher – need to mix a large amount of formula at once? This guy is your go to! Again, we received this as a gift but for our high calorie formula babies this thing is a dream!

Avent Anti-Colic Bottles – Dax has horrible reflux and these bottles reduce our reflux like CRAZY! It’s a huge relief to know that a simple change of bottles helps.

Am I missing anything? Have any recommendations for me? Tell me!

Xo, Sabrina.

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