Your New Life Will Cost You..

Happy Friday! I recently ran across a quote scrolling through my ceaseless home page that said something along the lines of “your new life will cost you”. It really made me think. What will a new life cost me?

….Your Comfort Zone.

If you want a new life, it will cost you your comfort zone. Look at where your comfort zone is. Are you not pushing yourself when you could? Are you no longer being challenged in your career? Are you no longer finding similar interests with your friends? Are you remaining in your comfort zone because it’s easy? If the answer is yes and you’re looking for a ‘new’ life, your new life will cost you this comfort zone. In your new life you’ll find challenges that excel your skill sets. In your new life you’ll find yourself adventuring into the unknown, your comfort zone far behind you.

….Relationships And Friends.

If you’re seeking a new life, you’ll loose relationships and friends. This is because the relationships and friendships may not exist in your new life. You may seek more meaningful relationships. You may seek more fulfilling friendships. Perhaps, you are tired of the gossip. Perhaps, you’ve given too much but have received next to nothing in return. Perhaps, you’ve found yourself in a turmoil with your current relationships and friendships that has fizzled out. Not all relationships and friendships will end, but not all will reach you on the other side. You must determine who you want to bring to your new life.

….Being Understood.

A new life brings a new understanding of yourself. Though, it also brings a lack of understanding of you. Those who thought they understood you may be bewildered by your new life. You may choose to live a path they may never have the guts to take. That alone scares people. You must understand that you’ve done nothing wrong. Those in your new life will understand you the way you are meant to be understood.

….Being Liked.

Much like being understood, the fear of the unknown may prevent you from being liked by those in your current life. You may no longer attract the same crowd. Instead, you will acquire a new sense of direction, poise and network. This network will instead like you for what you are able to bring to the group, instead of using your assets. You will lose out on invitations to parties, events and fun. You will gain invitations to networking events to expand your skills. You will gain a sense of direction. You will gain the ability to be okay with not being ‘liked’.

Now that you know what you will lose by starting a ‘new’ life and ultimately you will gain… are you ready? Are you ready to say enough is enough of being comfortable? Losing relationships and friendships? Are you ready to be misunderstood and be disliked? All in return for a new perspective? Those who are willing to lose these things, are willing to gain a new life.

I’m ready. Are you?

Xo, Sabrina.

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