23 Week BUMP-Date!

It appears as though the weeks are flying by now! 23 weeks have come, and gone. We're starting to prepare for the perhaps inevitable... pre-term birth. The boys have tried to escape twice. Luckily, nothing major has ensued as of yet. To prepare there are several things we need to do, or rather should do … Continue reading 23 Week BUMP-Date!

20 Week BUMP-Date!

Whew, 20 weeks has FLOWN by! In a singleton pregnancy, this is the half-way mark. However, like we explained last week, we've hit our half-way mark already. So, what're we up to this week? Major things coming up this week include our anatomy scan. We go Friday for a time dwelling, 2 hour, anatomy scan. … Continue reading 20 Week BUMP-Date!

14 Week BUMP-Date!

Hello second trimester! We're one third the way through this pregnancy and let me tell you... nothing has been easy. We had our appointment with MFM and got a general game plan! For now, we see our babies once a month to monitor growth and ensure all is going well. We still need to see … Continue reading 14 Week BUMP-Date!

8 Week Bump-Date!

Happy Sunday! Today is our 8th week bump-date! Yay, we've made it 8 weeks! It's also my first day back on night shift...and we will see how that goes! What's new this week?! Well first off, we have arms! Yes, the boys have developed arms. This upcoming week we should have placenta development, and possibly … Continue reading 8 Week Bump-Date!